Gallery 118 | Gifts & Vendor Resources

We invite you to visit our expansive building to plan your entire wedding once you find your dream dress from one of the wonderful RBD bridal shops!

You may be fooled from the outside, but walk in and enjoy¬† FOUR wedding and event shops at Gallery 118, and a large collective of partner businesses. What’s more, photographers can rent our spaces for styled shoots with a neutral white backdrop, natural lighting in our 1,100 sq ft industrial garage loft or living room suite.

Come see our gift shop for bridal, bachelorette and fun wedding-related items and gifts. We also have a special lines of intimate nightgowns, robes, slippers and more for getting ready on your big day. So much to see and do for your beautiful wedding!

Services and shops featured:


118 West Benson Street
Cincinnati, OH 45215